The Brief

Emtech is a heathtech company, who have developed a brain-computer interface platform for measuring emotional response and facial movement, combined with Virtual Reality. They approached us, looking for a website which promoted their tech and enticed lead generation. As the tech is so innovative, the challenge was to present the brand and product so the visitor quickly grasped the concept and benefits.

The Solution

After numerous face to face meetings with the client both at their Brighton and our London offices, we finalised a strategy to visually present the brand, balancing aesthetic of healthcare and technology. We utilised a video background to grab the visitor’s attention, along with bespoke icon creation to break down the content and various calls to action to generate leads.

The Result

The brochure website has excellently matched the client’s vision in terms of brand representation and accurately expressing the USP of the business. We have continued the relationship with the client by expanding the website and developing a mini-site to promote a key area of the business. We have also assisted the client with their investment journey via our investor relations service.

Client Testimonial

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